Serving standard brewed beverages is a nice office perk for employees and proper business etiquette for customers and guests. However, Black Rock Coffee Company knows you want and deserve better than standard - and you don't want another time consuming task for your "to do" list. You expect the best and deserve the quality.

We take on the responsibility of providing your employees, clients, customers and guests with an array of incredible specialty coffees. It's like having a full-time barista on staff. Our beverage station is a huge leap above traditional office coffee companies in quality, consistency and price

Our purpose is to import, roast and provide a delivery system which produces amazing specialty coffee in an office, work or social environments at an affordable price.
Our Super-Automatic Espresso Machines are truly unique in the world of specialty coffees.

Real Custom Roast Espresso Beans

Ground Fresh for Each Cup

Choose Your Flavor

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The Only Custom Roasted

Coffee Office Service

in San Antonio

From bean to cup...

Black Rock Coffee Company